Labuk Bay

We drove from the ship to the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary. Four-hundred acres of mangrove forest had been purchased for oil palm plantation development in the 1990s yet the land's new owner soon found an interest in the resident proboscis monkeys. He learned that their food resources, perhaps as a result of the fairly constricted patch of habitat they found themselves in, was limited and decide to supplement it. The coach parked and we walked along a boardwalk to a site with some feeding platforms. Great cones of sediment rose from the ground — the burrows of mud lobsters — as mudskippers glistened in the dappled light as we walked through the attractive forest. As soon as we arrived to the far end of more
Extracted from MV Orion Expedition Log
— Secrets of Sabah - 25th July

Given we had another big day ahead of us; we had an early breakfast and headed across to the Port in Sandakan at 0815. From here, we meet our guides and got onto the bus to travel to Labuk Bay. The 30 minute bus ride was entertaining as the guide told as about the biology of the Proboscis Monkeys and also the importance of Palm Oil to the local economy, ironically the reason why much of this species habitat has been removed. At the sanctuary we went to 'Feeding Station A', which was situated about 500m along a board walk. The board walk had Plantain more
  Extracted from MV Orion II, Expedition Log
- Secrets of Sabah 10th — 20th September 2011

Not only did we spot the monkeys amongst the trees, but they joined us on the more
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