Extracted from MV Orion Expedition Log
— Secrets of Sabah - 25th July

Given we had another big day ahead of us; we had an early breakfast and headed across to the Port in Sandakan at 0815. From here, we meet our guides and got onto the bus to travel to Labuk Bay. The 30 minute bus ride was entertaining as the guide told as about the biology of the Proboscis Monkeys and also the importance of Palm Oil to the local economy, ironically the reason why much of this species habitat has been removed. At the sanctuary we went to 'Feeding Station A', which was situated about 500m along a board walk. The board walk had Plantain Squirrels.

running around which was amazing as well as some Red-headed Treepies. At the feeding station there must have been at least 15 Proboscis Monkeys of all sizes hanging around and we were able to get spectacular views. We spent half an hour or so here and then headed out and down to Feeding Station B, where we saw the monkeys being fed. Monkeys stirred into action by the arrival of food, and the hierarchy among them, was a sight to see! We also saw Pied Hornbills being fed, and to cap it off were the Oriental Magpie Robins, Banded Woodpecker and Chestnut Breasted Malkoha that hung around the area.

We then headed to Sepilok Nature Resort for a buffet lunch set in beautiful surroundings. A quick walk around the garden revealed Chestnut Breasted Muias and Orange-bellied Flowerpeckers. From here we headed Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre, which was about 15 minutes from where we had lunch. Here we walked through old-growth 'primary' forest, signalled by towering emergents. On the way through we saw Tree Shrews, Pit Vipers and Black-throated Babblers. At the feeding station we saw one young male Orang-utan come down to feed which was followed by a Crab-eating Macaque. They ate together for about half-an-hour and left, leaving us wondering whether this was it? However, just before we had to go, a mother with young one came down and had a feed which was an extraordinary sight. To see her handle her baby was such care whilst swinging through the forest was an amazing sight. Too top it off, on the way out another Orang-utan was seen adjacent to the path within reach.

We headed off entirely satisfied with our day and arrived back at the ship at 1700. After a quick shower and beer, Damon provided a hilarious recap of the last three days and Mick outlined what was in store for tomorrow.


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