Extracted from MV Orion II, Expedition Log
- Secrets of Sabah 10th — 20th September 2011

Oil Palm Plantations

After breakfast, we boarded the buses & made our way to the Labuk Bay Sanctuary. On the way, we saw many plantations of Oil Palms.

Soon enough we disembarked the buses & walked along the boardwalk to Reeding Platform A.

Elevated Mangrove Boardwalk

It didn't take too long for us to spot the troops of Proboscis Monkeys. We kept our cameras at the ready.

  Not only did we spot the monkeys amongst the trees, but they joined us on the boardwalk!

Walk this way '

After taking a plethora of photos, we walked back along the boardwalk & reboarded the buses. We took a short ride to Feeding Platform B. Here we had to remove our shoes before entering the main building.

We were lucky enough to watch an Oriental Pied Hornbill fly down from the trees to land on a small feeding perch.

Oriental Pied Hornbill

We observed both Proboscis & Macaque Monkeys, sometimes side by side on the feeding platforms.


Communal Feeding

We were very patient as word was out that a Silver Leaf Langur with her baby was sighted in a nearby tree.

Waiting, waiting '

Soon enough, the Silver Leaf Langur came down from the trees & came right up close to the viewing platform.

Up Close & Personal '

We eventually had to leave Feeding Platform B & took the buses to our next destination of Sepilok Nature Resort for lunch. We certainly had built up an appetite & had a wide selection of local cuisine to tempt our tastebuds.

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